Prison Outside is an independent project founded in 2015 by Anastasia Artemeva, collaborating with several artists, researchers and educators. Since 2017, the working group of Prison Outside has expanded to include Sonny Nyman and Arlene Tucker. Lintu Lindfors has joined our team as a program assistant in September 2018.

The research behind this project is centred on the subjects of imprisonment, justice, and the role of the arts in the relationships between people in prisons and people outside. We are interested in perceptions of incarcerated people and ex-convicts in the society, and how we can break the stereotypes and support each other. We focus on artistic practices, be it prisoners’ own initiatives or designed educational projects that promote self-expression, solidarity and communication between people of all walks of life. We also offer a platform for production of artistic projects related to imprisonment, currently with a focus on Finland and Russia.

Our main languages are English and Russian, but we write and share texts in other languages, particularly in Finnish.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved in the project.

We have been continuously supported by Kone Foundation. Kone Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation with a mission to make the world a better place by advancing bold initiatives in research and in the arts.