At this challenging time when COVID-19 is spreading fast into the most vulnerable communities we wish to express support and solidarity to the incarcerated folks and to their families.

We encourage everyone to check how your local government ensures the health and safety of people in prison. Careful measurements need to be taken to reduce the spread of the virus.

At the same time we must remember that human rights must be observed no matter what. 


An independent artistic research project founded in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. 

Our focus is on imprisonment, justice, and the role of the arts in the relationships between incarcerated people and those on the outside. 

prisonspace.org offers an insight into our projects and presents research and interviews with relevant practitioners. 


Read an interview with Carole Alden, artist and Free Translation project participant, by Arlene Tucker 
In English at Translation is Dialogue In French in Le Journal de Culture et Democratie