Prison Space is a resource dedicated to possibilities and ways of communication of people in prison and outside. It presents relevant artistic practices around the world, as well as our own collaborative projects.

Prison Space - это ресурс, посвященный возможностям и способам общения между людьми в тюрьме и за ее пределами. Он рассказывает о подобных художественных практиках во всем мире, а также наших собственных проектах.

Prison Space on resurssi omistettu jakaa mahdollisuuksia ja erilaisia tavallaa ihmisten kommunikoiminen vankilassa ja ulkona. Se esittelee relevanttia taiteilija tapaa maailman ympäri, sekä oma että yhteinen projektia.


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Projects in Helsinki and beyond produced by Prison Outside

2018 Let It Out - artistic collaboration that encourages exchange between young people affected by imprisonment in Russia and in Finland. This exchange will be facilitated using rap composition and translating techniques and result in a collaborative multimedia artwork. Our collaboration fisrt manifested at performances and and workshops at Culturafest in Helsinki and Vantaa

2017 Poikkeus Tila, Martial Law - a collabortiave art project produced by M-Cult, based around common (his)tory between clients of Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö working on restoration of WWI trenches in Maunula, Helsinki, and local folk.

2017 Art workshops in Redis, an open space for ex-convicts in the heart of Helsinki, managed by Kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö, a Finnish non-govermental non-profit organisation supporting convicts, ex-prisoners, and their families.

2017 Prison Outside #1: a public discussion on artistic projects in and around prison. In this event international speakers will introduce collaborative practices that connect incarcerated people and the public outside the prison. We will discuss how we, as outsiders, view incarcerated people, and what can be done to challenge the negative relationships with current and ex-convicts, replacing them with empathy and solidarity.

2016 Invisible in Seven Days - a continuation of Invisible Neighbours, exhibition and live art studio in Kallio Kunsthalle gallery.

2015 Invisible Neighbours, with Annika Niskanen, Helsinki Prison and Esitystaiteen Keskus performance art center.