Prison Space is a resource dedicated to possibilities and ways of communication of people in prison and outside. It presents relevant artistic practices around the world, as well as our own collaborative projects.

Prison Space - это ресурс, посвященный возможностям и способам общения между людьми в тюрьме и за ее пределами. Он рассказывает о подобных художественных практиках во всем мире, а также наших собственных проектах.

Prison Space on resurssi omistettu jakaa mahdollisuuksia ja erilaisia tavallaa ihmisten kommunikoiminen vankilassa ja ulkona. Se esittelee relevanttia taiteilija tapaa maailman ympäri, sekä oma että yhteinen projektia.


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(Prison theatre colloquium)

Sanna Salmenkallio and Petri Valkoma

Arlene Tucker visited the Vankilateatteri-kollokvio (Prison theatre colloquium) at Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu (Theatre Academy Helsinki) on 17.5:

It was very informative as it gave a chance for researchers, teachers, artists, and culture practitioners working with prisoners and
ex-convicts to share their experience and work practice.

Porttiteatteri's presentation was enhanced with short theatrical
pieces and a song performed by Sanna Salmenkallio and Petri Valkoma.

This was especially fruitful because not only did they share
information about the history and workings of their theatre group,

they showed how meaningful their existence is through live action.

art for art’s sake vs art as a facilitator 

Actor Jussi Lehtonen shared his findings in Taiwan and in the USA.

There, he got to meet artists and practitioners who do theatre work in
prisons. For example, he shared a video about the Taiwanese U-Theatre group which teaches inmates in the local Changhua Prison to gain inner
peace and self-confidence through drumming.
To read more about his experience in Taiwan, please click here.
The day ended with a brainstorming session on how the prison conference could be arranged in 2021. Ideas are out in the open and there are many things to look forward to!

More about the colloquium in Finnish langauage here.