Prison Space is a resource dedicated to possibilities and ways of communication of people in prison and outside. It presents relevant artistic practices around the world, as well as our own collaborative projects.

Prison Space - это ресурс, посвященный возможностям и способам общения между людьми в тюрьме и за ее пределами. Он рассказывает о подобных художественных практиках во всем мире, а также наших собственных проектах.

Prison Space on resurssi omistettu jakaa mahdollisuuksia ja erilaisia tavallaa ihmisten kommunikoiminen vankilassa ja ulkona. Se esittelee relevanttia taiteilija tapaa maailman ympäri, sekä oma että yhteinen projektia.


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Let It Out  is a project that connects young people affected by imprisonment in Russia and in Finland. Young people will exchange artworks, lyrics, and short videos, produced during workshops with artists and musicians. This exchange will be facilitated using rap composition and translating techniques and result in a collaborative multimedia artwork, as well as art & design objects. 

We are currently looking for new groups of young people from Finland and Russia to collaborate with, so please get in touch if you would like to join us. Email prisonspace(at)

Behind this project is a team of transnational artists, musicians and educators.

Anastasia Artemeva, the manager Prison Outside - a project dedicated to possibilities and ways of connecting with people in and after prison.

Arlene Tucker is the creator of Translation is Dialogue project. It combines pedagogical approach to using translation techniques as a means for creative production and understanding art with the aim to spawn awareness of space, sound, and storytelling.

Sonny “Elinkautinen” Black (Sonny Nyman) is a rap musician based in Helsinki. He has experienced imprisonment firsthand. Sonny works directly with youth in the streets of east Helsinki and through correction institutions all over Finland, specialising on making music, singing, and encouraging youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to replace criminal activity with creativity.