7.11 Program of Prison Outside #2 is published !

29.10 Let’s make Free Translations together! Welcome to a day of workshops / Tehdään Vapaita Käänöksiä!

18.11.2018, klo. 13:00-16:00

26.10 We are extremly excited to launch the list of our speakers and moderators for the upcoming Prison Outside #2 conference. Check out these amazing individuals here

15.-19.10 We are visiting Russia by invitation of
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE)
See our timetable here. All events are open to the public. Welcome!

15.-19.10  Мы в Москве, Саратове, Калуге и Кашире, по приглашению МГППУ. Приходите знакомиться!

29.8.18 Prison Outside #2 taks place this year on November 21.-23. in Helsinki. More info coming soon!

Конференция Тюрьма Снаружи #2 пройдет в этом году 21.-23. ноября в Хельсинки. Следите за новостями. 

27.8.18 We are very excited to officially begin collaboration with Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. All events are free and open to the public! Welcome!

Мы с радостью начнем сотрудничество с Факультетом «Юридическая психология» Московского государственного психолого-педагогического университета.

10.7.18 FREE TRANSLATION - open call for artistic and literary works is announced. Deadline -October 1st.

СВОБОДНЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД - прием художественных и литературных работ открыт. Дедлайн - 1 октября.

5.6.18  Prisoner Fair (Vankimessut)

2.6.18 Interview by We Make Money Not Art: Using art to build bridges between people living and people living outside. 

30.5.18 Report from  Vankilateatteri-kollokvio (Prison theatre colloquium) Отчет о посещении Коллоквиума о тюремном театре

16.4.18 Groups for Let it Out project in Autumn are being finalised.

26.3.18 Arlene in translation - residency in Drake Arts Center, Kokkola, Finland.

20.3.18 Let it Out to present at the conference, New challenges in the sphere of deviant (destructive) behaviour of minors in Moscow.  Круглый стол, посвященный новым вызовам в сфере девиантного поведения несовершеннолетних, МГППУ.

8.12.17 We are extremly happy to be awarded funding from Koneen Säätiö - Kone Foundation and to be able to continue working and develop new collaborations in 2018-2019.
A massive thank you to everyone who has made it possible.

31.10.17 On 4.11 & 18.11 2017 CulturaFest will host a workshop that is part of the project Prison Outside in collaboration with Translation is Dialogue porject, and Sonny Black. Through artistic practices, the workshop participants will proceed to thinking about social justice, different walks of life and how we treat each other.

21.9.17 Join us for a day of discussion on Empathy as Resistance on Saturday 23.9 at Pixelache Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Register here for lunch 1 pm-3 pm. After the program is open to all. 

17.9.17 Prison Space has been invited to take part in Culturafest experimental festival in Helsinki in Vantaa in November 2017. In collaboration with Sonny Black and Arlene Tucker (Translation is Dialogue project) we will hold a workshop for young people aged 13-19, discussing the notions of freedom, judgment and participation. 

11.9.17 New exciting projects are planned. Here’s a documentary about our collaborator, musician and producer Sonny Black (in Finnish)

27.8.17 Visit to the Open Day at the Criminal Sanctions Agency of Finland.
День Открытых дверей
  в Учебном центре системы исполнения наказаний, г. Вантаа, Финляндия. 

20.8.17 Interview with M-Cult about Poikkeustila:Martial Law project - a collaboration with Krits, Hellander-koti and the folks of Maunula. Please read the interview in English here.

11.8.17 Prison Outside will be presenting as part of Empathy as Resistance project in Pixelache festival.  

10.7.17 Hot off the press: _ A Radical Thought: Arlene Tucker looks at Prison Outside conference through the perspective of art education.